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Technological innovations: water-based system is not the only way out

Analysis of finished raw materials and finished process, we take a look at low carbon emissions in recent years in regard to technological innovations. In recent years, we often see a new environmental technologies and special features of the coating technology. For the coating process of environmental protection, people talk about most is water-based technology, but for high-solids coatings and UV / EB coatings technology development was less showtime attention. In the HC network seems to paint, water-based technology in the civilian market, especially in the field of decorative coatings advantage is very clear; but for China Coating production accounts for nearly 70% of industrial coatings for some time by powder coatings based high - solid coatings and UV-curable coatings have very obvious advantages, especially in the curing conditions, restrictions, when the above two techniques to a large extent would be better than the water system, the application of benefits.

At present in Europe and the United States is actively promoting green residential projects, we may see a water-based coatings, powder coatings and paint curing technology, comprehensive utilization of three to resolve the future of smart homes in the thermal insulation, lighting, clean air, multiple functions of self-cleaning smart requests. At present, according to HC paint net know, China has not conducted comprehensive utilization of a similar pilot experiments, this is my paint technology innovation a major gap in the field.

Ex-situ production: the geographical advantage with a low carbon economy

Large-scale enterprises in Guangdong in 2008 paint westward, they choose the same location is the Dayi County, Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Why Dayi the acclaimed, one is Dayi's location, which will help paint companies to develop the Southwest with huge potential market, a company crowding together is the paint factory, which will help the production of raw materials being transported, mainly to reduce the original paint products to enter the enterprise Sichuan necessary transportation costs. Coatings are classified as hazardous chemicals, while the transport of hazardous chemicals must have a qualified logistics enterprises in order to carry out it comes as a large-scale relocation will greatly reduce the producer of the original product was sold to the cost, reducing the enterprise and dealers cost pressures, lower sales prices, the direct cost for this benefit consumers, in the realization of low-carbon economy while reducing environmental pollution, but also bring real benefits to consumers.
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This article was published on 2011/01/02