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I recently bought a vintage Lotus Elan for a great deal, even though it looks a bit rough around the edges, it is basically a clean car and runs like a dream. Anyway, I thought that considering I got the car for a good price and the only thing letting it down was the scruffy appearance, I would look into the cost of detailing. Detailing is markedly different from a valet. Detailing involves really working on the paint work and general finish of the car, to make it look not just clean, but pristine.

So I looked around at several detailing companies and through the advice of a friend finally decided on one that had a great reputation. They gave me a whole range of detailing options to suit my needs and budget before I finally decided on one. The detailing choice I made was called correction detaining which was really involved. I thought my vintage car really deserved so I just went for it.

The good thing about detailing is that once youve had a proper job done once you really just need to maintain then with a regular valet. The detailing firm which I used is called and I really cant stress enough what a thorough job they did. Amongst other things it involved a multiple stage two-bucket wash using sheepskin mitts, the wheels were cleaned, the wheel arches were cleaned by hand, full paintwork decontamination, the paint thickness was measured using an electronic coating gauge, some light abrasive polishes were applied by machine to remove swirl marks, it was cleansed with pre-wax treatment to aid the bonding of wax, it had professional grade paint sealant applied to the paint work, the chrome and stainless steel trims were cleaned and polished, and the interior was cleaned, vacuumed and the leather conditioned. It really was amazing detailing and I will always recommend my friends to use them.
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This article was published on 2011/02/08