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If you are one of the many who have the desire to learn how to begin painting then take action. There's no need for you to keep putting it off. Learning to paint is perhaps one of the most rewarding past times. If you are serious about learning to begin painting then you must have the materials that go with it. Painting art is like any other creative activity. If you have the right tools you will have a better chance of creating pictures that are to your liking. Usually, if the artist is happy then so is everyone else.

Once you have decided on the kind of painting you want to do and have enrolled in a class you must ask for a list of materials. You won't have to go out and buy each and every piece of equipment on the market. You can build up as you go along. This is how most painters start off. It means you don't have to pay a hefty bill at once. However, there are certain items that you must have in order to begin. You could probably request this list even before you enroll in a class for painting art.

Exactly what you do to begin painting will differ from tutor to tutor. It is common for tutors to expect their students to sketch before they paint. Most tutors ask for pencil or charcoal sketches. For this reason you must have suitable pencils, charcoal and sketchbook. Even if easels are provided you should think about getting your own easel for use at home. Exactly when you do this depends on you. Some students prefer to wait until they feel comfortable using an easel. Others go ahead and buy their own immediately so they can practice painting art at home.

Before you can even begin painting a picture you will need paints. Usually, students start off by using acrylic paints. These are water based and are quite a bit cheaper than oils. The colors are vivid but acrylic paint is not as reflective as oil paint. However, beautiful pieces of art have been created by painters who use acrylics. If you want to buy oils then you will usually find a range of about three prices. The cheapest oil paint is fine if you are a beginner. When you are accustomed to oils you will notice that the more expensive oils really are better to work with. They also look the best.

There are many different kinds of brushes available and each one has its own purpose. You will be told which brushes to get and also a painting knife. A palette is essential for mixing and holding your paints. Of course, there is not much point in any of these materials if you don't have a canvas. Canvasses come ready stretched and in a range of dimensions. If you are beginning painting you don't have to start with a massive canvas. You can choose small and even very small if you prefer. You can also order canvas cut to whatever size you want. You will also need turpentine and rags to clean your brushes and varnish to seal your finished painting. Beginning painting is a process and so is the collection of essential materials.

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Don't Wait! Begin Painting Now!

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This article was published on 2010/03/30