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It is only natural that if you have never taken art or painting lessons you may feel some apprehension. If you have any questions you should ask your tutor so that you have some idea of what to expect. This goes a long way in setting your mind at rest. People enter art / painting class wanting to learn how to paint but they end up by learning a whole lot more. This is a process that is not just about learning how to paint. This is a process that will most certainly teach you a variety of techniques. However, you will also discover your own style. In order for you to discover your means of expression you must also learn to know more about you. Once you learn how to paint you will discover how it is an exciting and fulfilling means of self discovery.

Painting is very much like any other art form. You can only break the rules when you know the rules. The whole point of teaching you different ways to learn how to paint is so that you can discover your own way of making your work completely unique. However, before you reach this point you have to learn from all the other painters who have gone before you. It is thanks to their dedication and hard work that we have so many techniques. There is no reason why you can't add your own to the list.

You can be sure that during painting classes you are going to be given theory and you are going to be given hands on training. Painting is a skill that must be practiced. Your tutor will give you plenty of opportunities to paint a wide range of subjects. You could be asked to paint still life object, nudes and landscapes. You must learn how to paint and be comfortable painting any subject. Eventually you will find out what you enjoy painting and what you are best at painting.

It is possible your tutor may use music to inspire you. There are tutors who observe and explain or suggest as you go along. There are others who will actually take the paint brush and show you what to do. A tutor may show you certain strokes or techniques and then expect you to get on with your project. However, all tutors will welcome any questions you may have. Most art tutors interact well with their students. Painting is a disciplined art form but it is also an environment that is conducive to a relaxed atmosphere. Finding a place where you are comfortable is essential if you are trying to learn how to paint.

No matter how your tutor teaches you to how to paint you will enjoy the experience. Very often part of a tutor's skill is to draw out the confidence and talent of an individual. A tutor could rely on music, dance and even outings to get rid of anxiety and self consciousness. Getting rid of these obstacles allows you to express yourself authentically. Not every artist wants to produce deep and meaningful paintings. Many artists choose to paint pictures that are pretty and endearing and make people happy. Whatever you chose as your inspiration or subject, once you learn how to paint you will discover a passion for your new hobby.

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Don't Wait! Learn How to Paint!

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This article was published on 2010/03/30