How To Hire A Professional Painter

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Employing the aid of a professional painter can be more costly than picking up the brush on your own. However, when time and quality is a priority, it's a great way to ensure the job gets done right. In this article, we will outline the steps to finding a quality painter.

Step 1 - Decide which areas of the home you are interested in having painted. Are you looking at a smaller job, you a renovation project to hire a painter for? These factors can play a big part in where you decide to look.

Step 2 - Look at any projects that may be worth completing prior to the paint job. This can apply to homes that require drywall repairs, molding replacement, or new doors. Having these tasks completed prior to a paint job will greatly reduce the need for revisions later on.

Step 3 - Figure out exactly which colors and the type of paint you will want to use. Paint charts can be found at most major home improvement stores and paint shops. Take the time to grab a few samples and play around with different schemes.

Step 4 - There are many ways to go about finding a painter. Try asking around to friend and family or searching online for local contractors. Read reviews, and check references. Once you have a solid list, contact several candidates and ask for quotes.

Step 5 - Have a few candidates come to the location to inspect and area and provide an accurate estimate. Be sure each is aware of the same specifications regarding the job, such as number of rooms, exterior, number of coats, etc.

Step 6 - After you've met with each contractor, evaluate all the information and make your decision. Base your choice on factors such as track record, price, and your overall impression. Overall, go with someone you feel you can trust, while providing the best service. You know the old saying "you always get what you pay for"....

Step 7 - Outline a contract that specifies the work that will be completed, the cost, payments, starting date, and the time it will take to complete the job. Also be sure to include the paint brands, and the colors that will be used in addition to the number of coats. Painters should be held accountable for cleanup as well. Be thorough and direct. Never simply expect anything to be included.

Step 8 - The final step is preparation. Be sure to remove any belongings such as furniture, and other objects from the areas that will be treated, and clean, clean, clean!
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How To Hire A Professional Painter

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This article was published on 2011/01/05