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Painting means the arrangement of colors in the designs such as specific shapes. Correct combination of colors and the proper application of the brushes can make a painting look good. There is no specific rule for the painters to follow because the beauty in their paintings comes after years of experience. Oil painting is the most famous type of painting but it is not a requirement because it is the choice of painters to make their painting look beautiful and better than others. The painters may add more modifiers to their paints so that their paintings look more beautiful.

What are the precautions needed for the oil painting?

The oil painters should work in a well ventilated area. The painters should not work without gloves in their hands because the oil paints are sometimes harmful if touches the skin. Gloves can protect the skin of hands. The oil paints may have some warning message printed on the labels. These warning messages are printed to alert the painters regarding the use of paints and the painters should not forget to read these messages. The painters should also not forget to collect all the required things before starting their painting work because if it happens then they will have to stop their work in middle to bring the required thing and this will disturb their rhythm.

What things are required to start oil painting?

Many things are required for the oil painting such as paints, support, brushes, and lighting. The main thing in these requirements is the brush without which a painter cannot start.

Role of a good quality brush

The role played by the brush for a painter is same as the role played by the sword for a warrior. Without a quality brush, the painting job cannot be finished properly and if a cheap brush is used as a substitute of a quality brush then the painter will only get disappointed by the working of the cheap brush. It means if compromise is done with the quality of the brush then the painting will not satisfy the viewers. The reason is because the low quality brushes do not have stiff hairs and these brushes shed their hairs during painting and as a result some hairs can also be seen in the final finished painting. The painters should also clean their brush and the work of cleaning should be done only by the turpentine because it is highly recommended for the cleaning of brushes.


Canvas is the next important requirement for a painter because canvas act as the support for a painter to paint. If canvas is not proper then the brushes will not work correctly and painting will not be made beautiful. You can buy a good canvas from a local store or from an online store.

Oil paints

Oil paints are the next important requirement. The expensive brand is not needed but good quality paint must be used. GRUMBACHER, WINSOR & NEWTON, and DALER-ROWNEY are some good quality paints.


To paint effectively, a painter must take care of some other conditions also such as lighting. Proper lighting is required to use the colors accurately.
These requirements must be fulfilled if good painting is needed.
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Do you want to do oil paintings? Do you know the necessary precautions? You must know the precautions and you should also read about the requirements for the oil painting reproductions. Visit the links to read the important requirements and the precautions.

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Learn About Oil Paintings

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This article was published on 2011/02/14