Loving Pet Dogs Through Paintings

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Many generations have passed but portraits of favorite dogs have been honored in the sturdy walls of many an English drawing room. Now it seems that paintings of the pedigreed pets are found almost as frequently on the walls of New York living rooms as their real life counterparts are on the paths of Central Park.

Dogs have always been known as man's best friend and humans have remained devoted to them as well, so this coupled with the fact that English style interiors have become widely popular now is responsible for many dog portraits becoming in demand, whether these feature a beribboned dog, or one with a leather collar, one at play, another at rest.

Dogs owned by Englishmen are truly loved and these are held very dearly, close to their hearts, homes and even portraits of kin. Those whom he chose to describe as paintings of hunting, shooting racing, and doggy pictures have sold increasingly well ever since the year 1961, when the auction house first started to sell sporting paintings.

This very prolific painter got a killing when he made a sale to a sporting artist who got the portrait of black and white canine known as a Newfoundland.

Immersing oneself in 18th and mostly 19th century paintings enables one to move back and forth in time, through eras. The kind of individuals that seek out such pieces are the ones who aim to be associated with things that are just way beyond their social range and that includes hunting sprees or perhaps shooting with so many hounds, horses and with their jackets on.

An interior designer and antiques dealer, in fact, opened a tiny shop in Manhattan for she strongly believes that there are so many people now who are dog portrait enthusiasts. And you will find here that there are so many dog portraits on blue and white covered walls, along with a few portraits of horses and cows.

Two kinds of collectors come into the picture. First would be those who want a dog as a subject in a portrait for it is exactly like the real one they have. And the second are the people who want to see if the painting is anatomically correct as they know the breed in and out.

There are those who sometimes prefer having these dogs instead of their real counterparts. There is never a need to walk or feed these dogs.

A dog loving interior decorator was able to buy his first two dog portraits in the distant land of London and he shares that his passion to collect these was first perceived as silly but now this has become expensive and quite difficult to find.

The decorator now reveals that he's got 75 dog paintings in possession, and some of them are displayed in his Manhattan apartment now, mostly hung with taffeta ribbons.

While the speculation of most art specialists and dealers commonly note that portrait quality and artist dictate the price of one, still some people would say that like the way fashions in real dogs fluctuate, there are portraits of dog breeds that will always be more wanted than other ones.

Many dog art collectors only wanted Cavalier King Charles Spaniel paintings then but now, West Highland Terriers, Scotties and Cairn paintings are also being very sought after. You will be able to immortalize a German shepherd through a painting.

It was revealed that the heyday of dog painting was from 1850 to 1920 by a dealer that sells dog paintings right from his modest space in the area of Manhattan. He said he had many requests for king charles spaniels, Chinese shar peis and terriers.

He has had around 10 demands for doberman pinscher paintings in the last year. Dobermans, he states, were only developed in the late 1880s so this is the reason why I never got my hands on any good paintings of this very recent dog breed.

Once in a while this artist holds special sporting painting auctions. Some who hunt and race are into countryside houses while the other bidders have decorated according to the look of a renowned fashion designer.

After getting enthralled with a black and white photo of a dog, a female advertising account executive at a major TV network, decided to buy a painting of a Spaniel. To match her England painting which will arrive after a while, she got herself a spaniel in ruby red color.

The painting turned out to be a black and tan King Charles breed leaving her with unmatched canines but she still kept both after waiting for the portrait to arrive after three months.
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Loving Pet Dogs Through Paintings

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This article was published on 2011/02/18