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One important thing that you need to consider is the safety of your work area. Ventilation is your first concern. Changing the air in your place keeps you and anyone else on the premises comfortable and healthy. Operable windows, doors, fans, or exhaust hoods can provide fresh air and allow you to circulate airflow through your space. Be aware and sensitive to the fact that oil paint can be an irritant to some in your household.

Look over your space for fire hazards. Eliminate overloaded electrical outlets or wires on the floor (which can also trip you and visitors). Maintain a fire extinguisher in your work space as well.

Another safety concern is how to put your supplies and equipment away when not in use. Keep lids on jars of solvent and place them out of reach of children. Put paints away, clean your brushes, and place any paintings out of reach as well. Your children and pets can be very curious about your hobby when you aren't around! The paint stays wet for a long time. Small children put everything in their mouths, and you may have pets who like to "help." Concentrate on tidy working methods and habits to keep everyone happy and safe.

The following are some tips on tidy and safe work habits:

  • Cover surfaces that are difficult to clean with dropcloths.
  • Keep paint off your skin and clothes.
  • Keep a rag to wipe up excess paint to avoid generating paper towel waste.
  • Clean your brushes in solvent, wiping off excess solvent before you wash them with soap and water.
  • Cover your palette with foil.
  • Prepare a secure place to put wet paintings where they won't tip over or fall.
  • Keep clutter off your work surface to avoid accidents.
  • Make sure that jars for solvent are heavy to prevent tipping over.
  • Keep paper towels handy for emergency cleanups.
  • Keep lids on solvent jars and paint tubes when not in use.
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Painting space safety

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This article was published on 2010/12/07