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Avenues of color and shadow run parallel to each other in Riddles, an original abstract painting. Lines move in many directions in this painting, and are accentuated by colors that outline them, creating deep shadows that make the abstract subject truly pop. The quality of the lines- without a set pattern or direction, lends Riddles an interesting sense of movement and undeniable movement that isn't frenetic or overwhelming, but more like the gentle current of peaceful stream The dominant colors of this piece are fairly light and airy, therefore increasing the harmonious and completely mellow vibe of this canvas artwork. After studying this painting, however, one may notice that all the lines that the artist has applied to this series of canvases, point towards the center of the piece, creating an implied focal point that is powerful and interesting due to it's emptiness. This compositional element of Riddles, however, is a testament to the artist's skill, creating a dynamic subject through the negative space of the painting. In addition, thin lines that seem simply dripped from the paintbrush to the canvas a color and add texture to the greater, more prominent lines and shape sin the painting, introducing yet another savory element to Riddles. In fact, the more one studies this particular painting, the more the name seems to suit it.

There are, not surprisingly, more facets of Riddles that make it an interesting painting to view and discuss with friends. The composition of this painting is exceedingly interesting. Here, the artist has chosen to spread the painting across three separate canvas pieces. The synergy of these pieces create the peaceful movement and vibe that typifies Riddles. The decision to break this painting up and incorporate three separate panels is an interesting one, furthering the theoretic interest of this painting. The persistent continuity between the lines of this painting despite the obvious breaks creates a compelling constancy across the piece and allows for a more complete and full experience of each separate piece of the artwork. There are so many rare and interesting qualities in Riddles that it truly will become a standout piece in any collection. If you would like to find more paintings that explore similar dimensions, you may want to try exploring our Modern Canvas section, where you will find more dynamic lines and designs. If you are looking for a painting that shares some of the design properties as Riddles, yet incorporates more textures and geometric shapes, you may also want take a moment to view Circle Bubbles.


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This article was published on 2012/02/04