Selecting the Right Oil Painting Art Form for Your Living Room

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Are you finding a painting for your lovely living room wall? Confused about where to get one and which medium and all those questions? Have you been visiting art galleries to find that perfect piece of art for your enchanting adobe?

It can be mind-boggling when one needs to make a decision on how to decorate their home with the best piece of art. Well there are many different kinds of art mediums available now-a-days. However, the most appealing to me has always been the oldest form of painting – Oil Painting.

Even oil painting has many forms and a person can select from. One can decide which art form will suit their home and its interior settings. Many people believe in putting art forms for its meaning and not only for visual looks. On the other hand, there are people who don’t understand the depth of the art form but love the use of colors and the concept behind the entire art form. These people give more preference to the visual appeal of the painting.

There are four forms of oil paintings one can select from – Portrait, Landscape, Still and Abstract.

Portrait: As the name suggests portrait painting is basically when one uses a person to paint their portrait painting. One can hire a professional painter to paint down a portrait oil painting of your parents or family or grandparents and have it as a golden memory forever.

Landscape: This is one of the most apt art forms and is selected by most of the people to decorate their homes. In this the painter replicates a beautiful landscape on the canvas capturing that particular moment.

Still: Still painting is where one uses objects and makes different compositions and brings them on the canvas with the help of their oil paints and brushes.

Abstract: This form of oil painting too is loved by people who give more meaning to concept and meaning of a painting. All art lovers this painting category and the bold use of color is another reason why it is so much appreciated.

We wish you all the very best to find the right choice of painting you are looking for that living room wall.


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Selecting the Right Oil Painting Art Form for Your Living Room

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Selecting the Right Oil Painting Art Form for Your Living Room

This article was published on 2013/08/14