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Oil painting is enduring an immortal trend in the worldwide range and it’s accepted by more and more countries. In China, oil painting is also experiencing challenges to thoughts. The oil painting market is gradually maturing. A large number of art lovers of well-educated and with a brand-new concept begin to collect oil paintings. If you are still not a collector or just get involved in the painting collection in the initial phase, I hope this article can be helpful to you.

Firstly, before you buy that piece of oil painting you should know what level of that painter is. As what it says in the Chinese painting: the painter can be read through his painting. The same theory can be used in oil painting. You can learn the painter’s foundation, attitude, as well as how much does he like oil painting. You can roughly feel the feelings of the painter’s creations. The foundation of a good piece of oil painting should be perfect.

Secondly, good works should have an independent voice, an independent creative style and a unique expression way. It can convey information itself rather than relying on introduction or background reference. The works should express in a clever way rather than imposing extra visual ideas.

Thirdly, good works can provide you with more cultural sense of belonging and more culture elements, rather than subjection to commerce or custom-made on account of inimitable culture. Excessive copy of foreign style and blindly compromising with commerce cannot survive in a long-term.

Fourthly, the artist should be quiet, insisted, intelligent and serious. He or she needs inner insistence and be firm to the art. The artist should insist what he or she thinks regardless the external groundless talk.

Last but not the least, a piece of good work must be touching to your heart and shocking to your vision. Oil painting collection needs you to have a keen appreciation. I believe you must be able to find your favorite masterpiece.

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Tips for Oil Painting Collection

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    artoysterus- 2012/11/28 16:20:38 pm

    it is true that when any body can buy the oil paintings he or she is famous in that art

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Tips for Oil Painting Collection

This article was published on 2013/09/12