Whatever You Do, Don't Paint First

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Often, what triggers the urge to paint in your home is the empty room. It is simply calling out to you "paint me'. This process can happen as well when you are moving into a new Apartment, Condo or House. After all what could be easier than slapping on a coat of paint when there is no furniture in the way to get splattered?.

Consider this: you go to your local paint store and have them mix up a couple of choices or, as often is the case, you get to pre-choose your paint from the builder or landlord prior to moving in.

Now, this is where it gets tricky. You are going out to buy the rest of the furnishings. Being prepared, you take your paint chip out on your hunt. The long and short of it, nothing matches your paint.(even beige isn't universal) This is a designer's nightmare. Hardly a day goes by without hearing the 'designer quest' "my room does not look quite right, find me something to tie it all together"?

Let us say, you find a fabric that goes with the paint, but you hate the design or you find a fabric you love but it doesn't come in a suitable colour. The same scenario plays out for wallpaper, drapes, flooring, counter tops and so on: nothing quite goes with your paint.

Reverse the process: Something for the room should be selected (not necessarily bought) that incorporates the colours that you enjoy, in a design you enjoy. This can be a patterned fabric for drapes or sofa, a wall hanging, wallpaper or an oriental rug to illustrate just a few potential choices. Developing a room around a piece of art is not uncommon. Now, you can work on the room: you now have your colour palette.

Even if you are not ready to buy the furnishings, you have the foundation colours to work from. One little caution here: as you are planning the space, it is essential for you to make certain that whatever this key 'something' is, it must be available when you are ready to buy. Discontinueds, ends of lines, clearances are not good for you unless you are ready to buy immediately and there is enough of it to do what you want to do

Now and only now, you are ready to select your paint: after all they can mix paint to exactly whatever Hue (colour family), LRV (lightness or darkness) and Chroma (intensity). This is infinite and makes it so easy.

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Whatever You Do, Don't Paint First

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This article was published on 2010/04/01